3 - 6 October 2017, North West University - Potchefstroom, SA


Countdown to SASReCon 2017


The 2017 SASReCon takes place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2017 at The North West University - Potchefstroom, SA.

Whilst the conference continues to have its signature element of academic character, in 2017, this platform is now empowered with a number of additional practical sessions in the form of conferences, seminar, workshops and exhibition totalling 12.


As penned in SRSA’s White Paper of Vision 2030, SA has as its vision to be acknowledged as a leader in the world sport and recreation - more so with respect to its contribution to research. The role by the platform of the SASRECON conference, thus serves the department well as an enabler towards the realisation of this vision and in turn a contributor to fast-tracking needed mechanisms which assist in the implementation of the SA’s government’s National Sport & Recreation Plan. Since its introduction in 1994, albeit in a totally different format then, SASRecon conference targets sport and recreation scientists, researchers and academics, post-graduate students, and practitioners from sport bodies, and all three spheres of Government. The conference now takes place every quadrennial a year following the Olympics and it has truly become a place for the meeting of minds. Robust engagement happens at these conference as South Africa’s sport and recreation sector comes together to exchange ideas, views and knowledge on topical issues in the multiple disciplines that constitute it.


This conference will maintain its typical academic character. The academic protocol will apply in the conceptualisation, organisation and management of the conference. An Academic Advisory Panel (AAP) will be appointed by the Director General of SRSA which will organise this conference and uphold its academic character. The Academic Advisory Panel will develop concept, program with different tracks, identify speakers, identify targeted participants (40 to be per invitation and 40 through a call for application to participate). Importantly AAP will ensure that as a panel, it involves and ensures participation of students from all universities as well as from those of the universities of technology in the country.


Herein referring to the 11 additional practical sessions added to heighten the needed engagements with Sport & Recreation practitioners in the country.

  • Sport Exhibition and Idea Exchange presents cutting edge and high-tech sport innovation as a highly interactive programme with interactive Q ’n A sessions at exhibitors’ stands. The exhibition also boasts a Coffee Bar, a Networking Lounge as well as Performance Podium which will be used for entertainment, formal addresses and round table discussions in the evenings
  • Other than the academic conference outlined above SASReCOn will also present six additional side conferences, namely: Sport Law; Professionalisation of Sport; Sport Science; Innovation in Sport; Sport Economy as well as Sport Tourism and Environment Conference. These will be characterised by presentations on practical experiences, exchange of views on how best to improve the sport sector. Importantly these conferences are intended to have outcomes which help formulate responses and improvements towards SA’s product offering as a sector.
  • Stadium Management Seminar, the only seminar, will focus on the practical ABC’s of managing stadiums. The seminar will present concepts and techniques for discussion with combination of visuals, interactive tools and equipment for demonstration. The seminar is intended to draw and attract interest from municipal officials responsible for sport and recreation facilities, officials from privately run stadiums amongst others.
  • SASReCon will also present three workshops, Sport Licensing and Merchandising; Sport Broadcasting as well as Sport Sponsorship and Marketing workshops. These workshops provide invaluable tool-kits of resources, skills and expertise on how brand custodians and managers of sporting brands can grow their revenue base through leveraging off opportunities of sponsorship, broadcasting and or licensing.
  • Daily, the evenings will see 2017 Conference host Round-table Discussions where two to three thoughtleaders and or opinion makers debate topical issues around Sport and Recreation events or programmes in the country.
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