3 - 6 October 2017, North West University - Potchefstroom, SA

Sports Economy

A Case for Sport and Recreation highlighted the significant value and contribution that sport makes in the South African society. The Case for Sport document highlighted that in 2007, sport contributed a total of R41 billion to the economy and this was equated to 2.1% of the GDP. Whilst the contribution to the GDP may differ between countries, the contributing sectors needs to be fully understood and expanded.


In South Africa and the world over, the economic impact of sport has increased over time as a result of the growth in interest of hosting the major sport events, which have in the main, served as catalyst for inward investment.

Sports Economy - Why Attend?

The Sports Economy conference is borne out of this intent: To develop a model for quantifying the contribution of sports sectors’ to South African economy in as far as:

  • • Identifying the various sectors, through which sports contributes to the GDP.
  • • Exploring the various sport sectors which play a role in alleviation of poverty, creation of employment and decreasing inequality.
  • • To provide an opportunity to Corporate South Africa to share ideas on the growth and development of business through investment in sports.
  • • To measure the contribution that Sport makes to the GDP through direct and indirect investment.

Sports Economy - What?

  • • Economic empowerment through maximising value at Sports Mega-events
  • • Exploring economic opportunities through sport
  • • South African Sport Sector: Corporate role in developing and building a strong sport sector through direct and indirect investment

Sports Economy - When?

  • DATE: Wednesday, 04 October 2017
  • TIME: 09:00 - 16h30
  • NB: Please note that attendance of workshop is by invitation.