3 - 6 October 2017, North West University - Potchefstroom, SA

Sport Stadium Management

Stadium Management is a critical role to contributing to the socio-economic needs of the community surrounding that stadium and its citizens. Key, to this management is how stadiums meet the mandate of the broader sport facility management in providing services and in turn ensuring organisational efficiency of sporting games which are hosted in those stadiums.

Sport Stadium Management - Why Attend?

The programme will empower delegates attending the seminar to identify:

  • • The pros and cons of different models of governance and management of stadiums
  • • Suitability of each model for specific context (e.g. low and higher facilities, urban and rural settlements etc.)
  • • Internal and external risk factors to effective and sustainable stadium management.
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  • Strategies for ensuring effective stadium management in various contexts.
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  • Relevant role-players needed for various aspects of implementation of assignments in the management of stadiums.

Sport Stadium Management - What?

  • • Models of governance of available stadium in the country (comparisons between high/low order facilities, rural and urban areas, affluent and poor municipalities).
  • • Case studies will be considered for different settings of rural versus urban areas facilities management
  • • Impact of limited sport facilities on management of existing stadiums
  • • Balancing talent development and increased access with financial sustainability of the facility
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  • Available funding streams for sport infrastructure development, nationally and internationally

Sport Stadium Management - When?

  • DATE: Tuesday 03 October 2017
  • TIME: 09:00 - 16:30
  • NB: Please note that attendance of seminar is by invitation.