3 - 6 October 2017, North West University - Potchefstroom, SA

Sports Science

Through the study of science and sport, researchers have developed a greater understanding on how the human body reacts to exercise, training, different environments and many other stimuli.


It is against this rich background of this growing demand for achieving best results during sporting performance that this conference is planted.


Therefore, the focus of the Sports Science Conference will be on interpreting the science so that it can be meaningfully applied for maximum effect.

Sports Science - Why Attend?

  • • To share sport science applications that impact positively on performance
  • • To empower coaches in interpreting the results of sports science evaluations
  • • To showcase the range of sport science interventions available

Sports Science - What?

  • • Sports science – a coaches’ friend or foe?
  • • Insights on working with professional athletes / What does it take to be an elite athlete?
  • • Sports nutrition and supplementation
  • • Tips to help children deal with the pressure to compete / The pushy parent
  • <
  • Talent identification: can science spot a winner?
  • Applying digital technology / Using heart rate monitors
  • Post assessment: Interpreting test results
  • Case study: where science made an impact

Sports Science - When?

  • DATE: Tuesday 03 October 2017
  • TIME: 09:00 - 16:30
  • NB: Please note that attendance of this workshop is by invitation.