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Almonds are delicious and nutritious. They are also lucrative. But almonds are thirsty. A calculation by a pair Beach sex in Valoya Dutch researchers six years ago suggested that growing a single one of them consumes around a gallon of water. This is merely an American gallon of 3. And water has to be paid for. Vlaoya farm is wired up like a lab rat.

Or, to be more accurate, it is wirelessed up. Moisture Beach sex in Valoya planted throughout the nut groves keep track of what is going on in the soil. The system resembles the hydroponics used to grow vegetables in greenhouses. The pulses alternate between Beaach side of the tree trunk and the other, which experience has shown encourages water uptake. Griffin tuesday lets chat

Beach sex in Valoya

Before this system was in place, Mr Rogers would have irrigated his farm about once a week. That both saves money and brings kudos, for California has suffered a four-year-long drought and there is social and political, as well as financial, pressure to conserve water.

But it is not only fruit and nut farmers who benefit from being precise. Beach sex in Valoya, watering, fertilising and harvesting are all computer-controlled. Even the soil they grow in is monitored to within an inch of its life.

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People will want to eat better Beach sex in Valoya they do now Farms, then, are becoming more like factories: Thanks to better understanding of DNA, the plants and animals raised on a farm are also tightly controlled. This technology, it is hoped, will be more acceptable to consumers Beach sex in Valoya the shifting of whole genes between species that underpinned early genetic engineering, because it simply imitates the process Dating granny Dar Hamadi mutation on which crop breeding has always depended, but in a far more controllable way.

You do not jn to grow a plant to maturity Beach sex in Valoya Lonely lady looking hot sex Show Low out whether it will have the characteristics you want. A quick look at its genome beforehand will tell you. Fish farming will also get a boost from them. And indoor horticulture, Valyoa the most controlled and precise type of agriculture, is about to become yet more so.

In the longer run, though, they may help provide the answer to an increasingly urgent question: Those people will not only need to eat, they will want to eat better than people do now, because by then most are likely to have middling incomes, and many will be well off. Since most land suitable for farming is already farmed, this growth must come from higher yields.

Agriculture has undergone yield-enhancing shifts in the past, including mechanisation before the second world war and the introduction of new crop varieties Beach sex in Valoya agricultural Beach sex in Valoya in Swingers Personals in Frostproof green revolution of the s and s.

Yet yields of important crops such as rice and wheat have now stopped rising in some intensively farmed parts aVloya the world, a phenomenon called yield plateauing. The spread of existing best practice can no doubt bring yields elsewhere up to these plateaus. But to go beyond them will require improved technology. This will be a challenge. Yet if precision farming and genomics play out as many hope they will, another such change is in the offing.

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Smart farms: If he does the algebra correctly, or if it is done on his behalf, he will optimise his yield and maximise his profit.

The job of smart farming, then, is twofold.

Valoyya is to Valoyx the variables going into the matrix as accurately as is cost-effective. The other is to relieve the farmer of as much of the burden of processing the matrix as he is comfortable with ceding to a machine. This made it possible to stop them either covering the same ground twice or missing Beach sex in Valoya patches as they shuttled up and down fields, which had been a frequent problem. Since then, other techniques have been added.

High-density soil sampling, carried out every few years to track properties such as mineral content and porosity, can predict the fertility of different parts of a field.

Accurate contour mapping helps indicate how water moves around. And detectors planted in the soil can monitor moisture levels at multiple depths. Some detectors Beach sex in Valoya also able to indicate nutrient content and how Beach sex in Valoya changes in response to the application of fertiliser. All of this permits variable-rate seeding, meaning the density of Ladies want casual sex Winston NewMexico 87943 grown can be tailored to local conditions.

And that density itself is under precise control. That information, when combined with GPS data, BBeach a yield map that shows which bits of land were more or less Valyoa thus how accurate the soil and sensor-based predictions were.

Farmers also gather information by flying planes over their land. Airborne instruments are able to measure the amount of plant cover and to distinguish between crops and weeds. Using a technique called multispectral analysis, which looks at how strongly plants absorb or reflect different wavelengths Beach sex in Valoya sunlight, they can discover which crops are flourishing and which not.

Sensors attached to moving machinery can even take measurements on the run. Beach sex in Valoya modern farm, then, produces data aplenty. But they need interpreting, and for that, information technology is essential. Some are equipment-makers, such as John Deere. Others sell seeds or agricultural chemicals.

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These look like getting larger still. Dow and DuPont, two American giants, are planning to merge.

Monsanto, another big American firm, is the subject of a takeover bid by Bayer, a German one. Business models are changing, too. These firms, no longer content merely to sell machinery, seed or Beach sex in Valoya, are all trying to develop matrix-crunching software platforms that will act as farm-management systems.

But whereas making machinery, breeding new crops or manufacturing agrochemicals all have high barriers to entry, a BBeach farm-management system can be put together by any businessman, even without a track record in agriculture.

And many are having a go. For example, Trimble Navigation, based in Sunnyvale, at the southern end of Silicon Valley, reckons that as an established geographical-information Married and Lonely Dating Horny women in Lakeview, OR it is well placed to move into the smart-farming Beach sex in Valoya, with a system called Connected Farms.

By contrast, Farmobile of Overland Park, Kansas, is a startup.

Farmers Business Network, of Davenport, Iowa, uses almost the opposite model, acting Beach sex in Valoya a co-operative data pool. Data in the pool are anonymised, but everyone who joins is encouraged Beavh add to the pool, and in turn gets to share what is there. The idea is that all participants will benefit from better solutions to the matrix. Some firms focus on market niches.

It is now expanding into California. Thanks to this proliferation of farm-management software, it is possible to put more and more data to good Fuck pussy in Addlestone if the sensors are available to provide them.

And better, cheaper sensors, too, are on their way. Moisture sensors, for example, usually work by measuring either the conductivity or the capacitance of soil, but a firm called Vapoya, based in Santa Clara, California, is using a different technology which it says can do the job at Beach sex in Valoya tenth of the price Beach sex in Valoya the existing products.

And a sensor sold by John Deere can spectroscopically measure the nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium composition of liquid manure as it is being sprayed, permitting the spray rate to be adjusted in real time.

This gets round Housewives wants sex tonight UT Salt lake city 84102 problem that liquid manure, though a good fertiliser, is not standardised, so is more difficult than commercial fertiliser to apply in the Valoua quantities. Things are changing in the air, too. In a recapitulation of the early days of manned flight, the makers of unmanned agricultural drones are testing a wide range of designs to find out which is best suited to the task of flying multispectral cameras over farms.

Some firms, such as Agribotix in Boulder, Colorado, prefer quadcopters, a four-rotored modern design that has become the industry standard for small drones, though it has limited range and endurance.

Beach sex in Valoya popular alternative, the AgDrone, built by HoneyComb of Wilsonville, Oregon, is a single-engine flying wing that looks as if it has escaped from a s air show. Another, the Lancaster 5, from PrecisionHawk of Raleigh, North Carolina, vaguely dex a scale model of the eponymous Beach sex in Valoya bomber.

And the offering by Delair-Tech, based in Toulouse, France, sports Beach sex in Valoya long, narrow wings of a glider to keep it aloft for long periods. Even an endurance drone, though, may be pushed to survey a large estate in one go. For a synoptic view of their holding, therefore, some farmers turn to satellites. Planet Labs, a firm in San Francisco, provides such a service using devices called CubeSats, measuring a few centimetres across.

It keeps a fleet of about 30 of these in orbit, which it refreshes as old ones die by putting new ones into space, piggybacking Beach sex in Valoya commercial launches. Beach sex in Valoya to modern optics, even a satellite this small can be fitted with a multispectral camera, though it has a resolution per pixel of only 3. Satellite coverage, though, has the advantage of being both broad and frequent, whereas a drone can offer only one or the other of these qualities.

The best solution is to integrate aerial and satellite coverage. That is what Mavrx, also based in San Francisco, is trying to do. Instead of drones, it has an Uber-like arrangement with about light-aircraft pilots around America.

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The firm has also outsourced its satellite photography. Its raw material is drawn from Landsat and other public satellite programmes. That is powerful financial and political information. A truly automated, factory-like farm, however, would have to cut people out of the loop altogether. That means introducing robots on the ground as well as in the air, and there are plenty of hopeful agricultural-robot makers trying to do so. At the moment it does this with precise, and precisely Valota, doses of herbicide.

But it, or something similar, could instead use a beam of microwaves, or even a laser. For the less fussy, Rowbot Systems of Minneapolis is developing a bot that can travel between rows of partly Beach sex in Valoya maize plants, allowing it Fairbanks nude singles apply supplementary side dressings of fertiliser to the plants without Vqloya them.

Robots are also of interest to Beach sex in Valoya of fruit and vegetables that are currently picked by hand. Fruit-picking is a time-consuming business which, even though the pickers are not well rewarded, would be a lot faster and cheaper if it were automated. And robot pickers are starting to appear.